A smarter way to save

Pod helps you turn your small change into big goals. We sweep all your savings into a single platform, so you can work your way towards saving for a holiday, paying off your student loan or building up that retirement fund. We sweeps all your savings into a single platform so you can track and achieve your financial goals.


Let Pod Do The Heavy Lifting So You Can Relax While Watching Your Savings Grow

Save smartly

Saving ‘just because’ is hard but saving for something special is fun! Pod helps you get there faster with personalized goals and rules – two clever ways to supercharge your savings with little effort. Plus, you can even team up with your family and friends to reach a common goal.


Track Your Expense

Always wondering where all your money went? Now you don’t have to. Pod helps to track your expenses and find opportunities to save when you spend less so you can save more.

Get rewarded

The icing on the cake: let us reward you with some discounts and cash bonuses when you reach your saving milestones!


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Frequently Asked Questions

You can set up weekly auto-savings by creating a direct debit order linking your bank account to Pod and your savings will be performed on a weekly basic automatically. On top of this, you can also save via instant save whenever you would like to save via bank or e-Wallet transfer.
Sure. You can cancel your goal and request for your money back anytime with our withdraw button and money will be back in your bank account in 1-3 business days with Saturday, Sunday and public holidays excluded. Currently, Pod do not support partial withdrawal.
No, Pod is free. Yes, like air.
Unfortunately, Pod is only available in Malaysia for the time being but we will be expanding internationally in the future.

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