Love is in the air with BloomThis

As we stepped into the new year, we are sure that some of you are already listing your resolutions down. Aside from the popular resolutions of going to the gym more often, manage time better, manage money better and to do more; miss less important dates or remember special dates is definitely quite a popular resolution.

In the spirit to help you be financially healthy as well as physically healthy (because sometimes when you forget your special someone’s Valentine’s Day present they might hit you); we have a special collaboration with BloomThis, a company that provides flowers for any occasions!

You can set to buy Valentine’s Day gift as a saving goal on the Pod app and set a recurring savings from bank account or transfer from Boost wallet and voila! you will be able to save to buy your loved ones some flowers, right on time this time.

That’s not the best part: we also provide rewards (cash bonus + BloomThis voucher code) when you complete your saving goal and make a purchase at BloomThis!

Details on the terms and conditions are included below and happy saving!!!

BloomThis Terms and Condition:

  1. This campaign is to reward savers that save via Pod platform for their Valentine’s gift. Qualified savers will earn a voucher code of RM15 to be used for their purchase at
  2. Minimum savings goal required to entitle for the reward is RM 200
  3. Savers need to achieve their set savings goals before 28 Jan 2020 to entitle for the rewards (Savers that are savings for Bloomthis, will have their savings deadline set by Pod’s App to be on 28 Jan 2020)
  4. Upon goal completion and withdrawing on 28th Jan 2020, savers will receive their savings in cash via bank transfer from Pod, together with a RM15 BloomThis voucher code within 24 hours upon request for withdrawal
  5. Each Pod user is entitled for ONE BloomThis rewards only
  6. Voucher code will be sent to savers via email
  7. Voucher code is for BloomThis Valentine’s collection ONLY
  8. Voucher code is valid until 2nd Feb 2020. It will EXPIRE after 2nd Feb 2020, hence savers should make their purchase and use the voucher code before 11.59pm of 2nd Feb 2020
  9. To use the voucher, key in voucher code upon checkout at BloomThis website
  10. The voucher code is not exchangeable for cash or applicable with other on-going promotions
  11. Orders made on BloomThis’s site, cannot be modified and are subjected to availability
  12. The voucher code is unique and strictly for one time use only. Hence sharing about the received voucher code with someone else is not encouraged
  13. It will be the savers responsibility to keep the voucher code to him or herself. Pod will only be responsible if the disseminated voucher code is not working due to technical issue
  14. BloomThis and Pod reserve the right to change the terms & conditions or cancel any promotions at any time without prior notice
  15. By selecting the option to save for BloomThis, users are agree to the T&C listed above



HTSMW… Earning multiple income with Swarna Naidu

Do you ever find yourself earning an extra bit on the side and splurging all of it the next day? If yes, you are actually not alone. Keeping track of your money is hard enough as it is, but now imagine trying to save when you have several, irregular streams of income – it gets tough. This week Pod sits down with local influencer, Swarna Naidu, who broke into the media scene through the Miss Universe pageant and has since expanded into television, fitness coaching, emceeing, and is also brewing an F&B business. With many side gigs under her belt on top of being a full-time student, Pod gets her take on how to manage and diversify into different fields.

Swarna Naidu, Malaysian TV Host, fitness trainer, emcee and many more!

1. Learn Discipline!

Hard work pays off, but isn’t it a shame if you have no finances to show for it? Moving to KL at the young age of 18, Swarna found her transition into adulthood very abrupt and openly admits not a cent was saved in her first year of working. “It’s not easy to make money, it does require a lot of discipline” she recounts, sharing how she eventually got into the habit of not buying “just because you can,” and accepted that some nights were nights in, even if they weren’t so for her peers. But hey, do what serves you, no regrets!

2. Save for the future

So you may have the habit of checking your bank balance, but how often do you check to see your savings growing? As a rule of thumb, Swarna encourages everyone, especially those who earn from different sources, to transfer 40% of their pay check straight into a savings account that you simply don’t touch. Swarna highlights that most multiple stream income earners don’t have a company to put money aside for their retirement, and thus it’s very important for them to think long-term and protect themselves financially. Also, seeing the balance of your savings account grow gets motivating to save more!

3. Be smart in budgeting

With multiple income streams, it is inevitable that some months you’ll earn more than others. However, some months may not measure up – and Swarna knows this more than anyone. She describes that you may even find instances where one pay check needs to stretch two to three months, and so it really forces you to be smart with your money. To be financially stable, there’s really no way around budgeting, you just have to do it.

4. Make calculated risks

Many of us are enthusiastic to venture into new fields or businesses, but is it really for us? “Being optimistic is good, but don’t do anything blindly,” Swarna reiterates, as she quotes the exceedingly high risk of failure for new businesses. Starting a cafe business herself which is due to launch in October, Swarna explains how she has been dreaming of it for a long time but kept putting it off until she realised, “there isn’t going to be the right time.” Although she admits having a background in hotel management gives her a slight upper-hand, there is always going to be an element of risk involved, and we have to pay attention!

5. Network, and take on a mentor!

Sometimes, all it takes for success is a little humility and proper guidance. Swarna emphasises the importance of networking and meeting pros in the field, “the players in the big leagues want to see you succeed!” she says. With her upcoming cafe, Swarna admits seeking the expert guidance of successful restaurateur, Brian Choo, and expresses how humbling down and learning from those who’ve succeed will most definitely be beneficial. “If you form bonds with these folks who’ve been in the business forever, they’re bound to direct their clients to you.” Words of wisdom have been spoken.

Till next time,

Liyana A.



HTSMW… Living the single life

Of course growing up we were all warned of the bills and dreadful commute of adulthood, but it takes a little time in the actual world to realize that it demands so much more. For a single career lady, the transition is ever more tricky. Adulting is not a walk in the park, and this week Abir Rahim shares her honest experience and tips on how she secured her dream home and more, all while living the single life.

Actuary and Co-Founder of Lean In Malaysia, Abir Abdul Rahim
  1. Hold out on credit cards

Credit cards often feel like free money and to many, opens the door to overspending. On top of the car loan and pending bills, the last thing you need is more debt up your sleeve. Abir found that skipping the credit card sign-up booth altogether and living realistically within her means allowed her much more freedom in investing in her future. Now, unless you are strong enough to walk past a clearance sale without falling prey, you might need to rethink whether that card satisfies your need, or greed.

2. Spend your money where it matters to YOU

Being an adult means deciding where your priorities stand. Your joy may come from an expensive getaway, an exclusive designer handbag (or as Abir has it, a gorgeous high-end sofa from KARE); either way, do it for you. It is not wrong to buy things for comfort, luxury of even status, as long as you consider your finances when doing so! With all your friends entering different trajectories in life, it is important for you to appreciate their lifestyle, while still staying true to yours.

3. When house hunting, enjoy the scouting period

Finding herself in a tight situation with family, Abir recounted that she – rather impulsively – placed a reservation fee on a kondo in the very first showroom she visited. Ballsy? Very. Should follow? Not advisable. Although in hindsight Abir doesn’t regret her long-term investment decision, not everyone is that lucky. With home loans commonly serviced over a 30-year period, location, affordability and practicality are just a few things to consider when thinking of locking one down. The commitment of a property will surely take up a huge portion of your income, so take your time and enjoy the hunt! That’s the fun part before the money flies. 

Adulting tip: Make time to read important sections of the SPA Agreement and other important documents before you sign it! Better safe than sorry.

4. Sometimes it pays to DIY

Riding the world solo can make menial things seem overwhelming. While it’s a personal choice to outsource daily chores like laundry and housekeeping, bigger things might need personal attention to get right. Abir learnt this lesson the hard way. In a (self-imposed) time crunch to set up her home, Abir hired a contractor to do minor furnishing only to have him run away once all payments were made! Admitting she didn’t do her due diligence, Abir however is now slowly taking her time in choosing furniture to personalize her space and is getting a huge knack out of it! And that’s how a lady bounces back from a setback. 

Adulting tip: ‘Tribunal for Consumer Claim Malaysia’ is a free government service that can help refund fraudulent cases. Paperwork may be hefty but definitely worth a shot.

5. If you’re stuck, ask for help

Being a single, working adult, you may feel the complete need to fend for yourself – men and women alike – but that’s not true! Being responsible is expected, but knowing everything is not. Whether it be for legal, financial or emotional support, know that you are not alone and family and friends will gladly help where they can. Ask the right people, and see how your journey gets easier to walk. Abir finds comfort in knowing her parents are by her side, and urges everyone transitioning into adulthood to find their “wall”. Also, “don’t borrow money from friends,” that’s a big no-no from her and we here at Pod 100% support. 


Till next time,

Liyana A.



HTSMW…Being a Fashionista by Jue Ashburn

Couture week just closed in Paris. We took the chance to speak to our local fashion observer, Jue Ashburn on her top tips to save money when being a fashionista.


  1. Be choosy when buying new trends in fashion

Never rush to buy new trends you see just because it is #lit. Maybe the new trend won’t suit your personality and will be hard to coordinate with your existing wardrobe. If you see something you need (or you think you need), go home to your closet, look at your clothes to see if the new piece will fit and then sleep on it first. Wake up tomorrow and see if you still think you need it.

Jue is saving you from becoming a fashion victim. You’re welcome.

2. Mix and match existing pieces in your OWN closet to make new ensembles

There’s nothing wrong with getting inspirations from those instafamous models, fashion shows, etc but if you can’t afford to buy; don’t deprive yourself of the joy of looking good. Head to your closet and get creative with the pieces you already own. Mix and match, find new ways to style your clothes.

3. Borrow / rent instead of buy for special occasions

So many websites (or friends) offer special costumes for rent. You are never going to wear that Princess Jasmine dress again after your best friend’s henna night (unless you work at Disneyland), so rent it instead.

4. Buy only things you can AFFORD

Too many people spend money they haven’t earned, to buy things they don’t want, to impress people they don’t like

Will Smith

As you hold that *insert anything you want to buy here* in your hand, ask yourself if you can actually afford it? Be honest. If you can’t, put it back and walk away with pride. You have nothing to prove to others. Also, if you’re eyeing to buy anything luxurious, opt to buy from online stores that mimic the high fashion items. Never buy replicas!

5. It is all about CONFIDENCE!

Image result for confidence gif

There’s no need to keep buying new clothes or things to make you look like a million buck. Style whatever you have with confidence. No matter what you wear, when you are comfortable with your own skin, coupled with a smile to complete that look; you are already DA BOMB!

Clothes aren’t going to change the world, the women who wear them will

Anne Klein