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HTSMW…Being a Fashionista by Jue Ashburn

Couture week just closed in Paris. We took the chance to speak to our local fashion observer, Jue Ashburn on her top tips to save money when being a fashionista.


  1. Be choosy when buying new trends in fashion

Never rush to buy new trends you see just because it is #lit. Maybe the new trend won’t suit your personality and will be hard to coordinate with your existing wardrobe. If you see something you need (or you think you need), go home to your closet, look at your clothes to see if the new piece will fit and then sleep on it first. Wake up tomorrow and see if you still think you need it.

Jue is saving you from becoming a fashion victim. You’re welcome.

2. Mix and match existing pieces in your OWN closet to make new ensembles

There’s nothing wrong with getting inspirations from those instafamous models, fashion shows, etc but if you can’t afford to buy; don’t deprive yourself of the joy of looking good. Head to your closet and get creative with the pieces you already own. Mix and match, find new ways to style your clothes.

3. Borrow / rent instead of buy for special occasions

So many websites (or friends) offer special costumes for rent. You are never going to wear that Princess Jasmine dress again after your best friend’s henna night (unless you work at Disneyland), so rent it instead.

4. Buy only things you can AFFORD

Too many people spend money they haven’t earned, to buy things they don’t want, to impress people they don’t like

Will Smith

As you hold that *insert anything you want to buy here* in your hand, ask yourself if you can actually afford it? Be honest. If you can’t, put it back and walk away with pride. You have nothing to prove to others. Also, if you’re eyeing to buy anything luxurious, opt to buy from online stores that mimic the high fashion items. Never buy replicas!

5. It is all about CONFIDENCE!

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There’s no need to keep buying new clothes or things to make you look like a million buck. Style whatever you have with confidence. No matter what you wear, when you are comfortable with your own skin, coupled with a smile to complete that look; you are already DA BOMB!

Clothes aren’t going to change the world, the women who wear them will

Anne Klein

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