We gather passionate people to build the best team in the world to solve the most important problem – saving money

We started Pod because we find that saving money can be challenging. With technology, we believe that can change. At Pod, we want to make the saving journey for your emergency fund, education fund, your next vacation and even your dream wedding a lot more fun, seamless and most importantly a rewarding experience.

We gather people from various background and expertise but with the same passion: to help our users improve their financial wellbeing. If you think this goal of ours resonate with you, we invite you to come join us.

Our Values

In it for the Journey

Do everything with the user in mind

Everything we build and ship is to serve our users. By putting our savers first, we constantly challenge ourselves to create solutions that go beyond the norm to solve user problems.

Focus on Impact

Invest in continuous growth

We spend a huge bulk of our waking moment at work, but is it fulfilling? At Pod, we aim to foster not only professional relationships but also personal fulfilment and growth of our team.

Build Trust

Open and honest communication to build trust

Transparency starts at home. We strive to foster a good environment that encourages honesty, not only to our valued users and partners but more importantly, within the team.

In it for the Journey

Act fearlessly in challenging the status quo to create impact

Ideas are the source of change. As a company, we value the input of our team and encourage everyone to be fearless and creative to disrupt ourselves.

Focus on Impact

Take ownership of execution and outcomes

Fail often and fail fast. We believe that failure is not something to be penalised but a faster way to learn the lesson. We celebrate the courage to try and to own the success or lessons attached to it.

Ready to join us?

We're recruiting the number of roles in both Malaysia and Indonesia.

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