HTSMW… Getting Fit – by WAS
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HTSMW… Getting Fit – by WAS

If you are like every single person on New Year’s Eve, listing: going to the gym/ being fit/ getting Ryan Reynold’s body (or whoever you fancy from the Sexiest Man/Woman Alive list) as your New Year Resolution; this post is for you.

People may think that being fit and healthy is a costly endeavor. This week, Pod speaks to a fitness icon, WAS. He shared some tips to get that sick body and how to be a bombshell without costing a bomb:

Fitness Enthusiast and Lifestyle Influencer, Wan Ali Syafiq (WAS)

1. Set a fitness goal

Before you begin a journey, you need to know the destination you’re heading towards. Fitness journey is no different. It is important to recognise your body type and define what is that ideal body shape/weight you need to have you be looking into the mirror and go: Dayyum! Once you do that, seek out advice for the best diet and workout regiments that give you that #bodygoals based on your body type. 

2. Birds of a feather flock together 

Working out alone can get demotivating sometimes and it is quite difficult to sustain that momentum on your own (especially when KFC has a promo for the Parmesan Truffle Cheese Chicken). This is when you need your #workoutsquad! Have a group of friends who have the same fitness goal and workout together. You’ll be able to exchange workout and diet tips with one another. A lot of gyms and fitness sites allow you to share access with friends so you can split the costs. Having an environment that encourages you to do the extra mile is great. Even if you can’t head out to a gym, jogging or doing group yoga in the park can give you that adrenaline boost (besides giving you the chance to show off to random strangers).

3. Eating healthy 

People choose not to eat healthy saying that it is expensive to do so. That is choosing convenience over being economical. Preparing your own meal will save you tons of money and you can curate it to fit your dietary requirements. All it takes is waking up slightly earlier in the morning or an extra 20 minutes before bedtime to prepare your breakfast and lunch for the next day. You may find some inspirations here, here, and here. Although, we all get killed by cravings once in a while. So, limit the number of eating out to once or twice a week. Or you can alternate the meals to start with, eg: DIY breakfast, eat out with colleagues for lunch and DIY dinner. 

4. Just Do It!

Nike said it best, just get up and DO IT! Watching fitness videos and bookmarking healthy recipes won’t get you that dream body. Working out and making effort towards it will. Take small steps towards your fitness goals. Start small to gauge the level of your stamina and push forward from there. If it helps, have a photo of your #bodygoals icons as the wallpaper of your phone to always remind you what you’ll be able to look like with a bit of self discipline. At the end of the day, willpower is everything. 

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