HTSMW… Celebrating Valentine’s Day
How to save money when...

HTSMW… Celebrating Valentine’s Day

The day of love is here!!! A lot of people are excited but some people are balancing (nervously) between showing their partners the love they have for them while making sure not to abuse their wallets/purses.

We are all for showing appreciation towards your spouses but it is important to be sincere with what you can afford. Here are some easy tips to help you to show your love for both; your partner and your wallet/purse. Have a great Valentine’s Day peeps!

  1. Make something together

A meal, an artwork, a playlist, a scrapbook, a child (eh?), etc. There are tons of things that you both can do together without costing a bomb. Making dinner together is one good way to bond and learn about one another. This saves you the costly Valentine’s dinner in some fancy restaurant.

2. Couples who play together stay together

There’s nothing wrong with a little competition on game night. This is a great opportunity to get your other half (if you are a gamer and he/she is not) involved with your hobby and who knows, your partner might get hooked too!

3. DIY gifts

This is a no brainer as a money-saving-tip but it also shows your other half that you care about them so much you’re putting in your own sweat and hard work to make them something. A great idea is to give them personalized love notes (or videos, we do not live in the stone age any more guys!) to give them a little boost so that every day feels like Valentine’s Day. Or if you’re super talented (like this guy), create some nice paintings to accompany your love notes too!

4. Movie Marathon

Binge watch some TV series or movies while curling up with a massive bowl of homemade popcorns! You and your better half can create private moments filled with inside jokes, laughters and tears (totally talking about A Star is Born) that you can cherish for years to come.



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