Marie Kondo is out to spark joy (for your wallet)!
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Marie Kondo is out to spark joy (for your wallet)!

Marie Kondo fever has taken the world by storm. People are seen hugging their belongings and asking (some rather very loudly), “Does this thing spark joy?”. If the answer is no, off to the bin it goes.

But hang on, if the item no longer sparks joy in your life, it can perhaps do so for others. You can actually put it up for sale on various second hand/preloved sites. It’s a good way to declutter while making some money for that year end trip!

Now that you’ve cleared half of your house, you may feel the reluctance to buy new stuff because of the pain you went through to clean out all those junk. This will definitely make your wallet so happy, it will hug you and say “you spark joy”.

Aside from Ms. Kondo, there are various YouTube videos and blogs that highlight the minimalist way of living. The main message is to minimize waste in your daily life and to be conscious when you buy. Make sure anything you wish to buy has a purpose in your life and never buy on impulse.

Another good way to keep you from buying unnecessary things is to repurpose what you have. This can be applied to clothes in your wardrobe all the way to your household items. We will make another blog post on this to give further details on how to repurpose your things.

We are definitely on #teamMarieKondo but apparently this Stephanie isn’t.



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