HTSMW… Getting Married
How to save money when... Life style

HTSMW… Getting Married

“Yes I will marry you!”, says the woman (or man, we’re a modern society) with tears in her/his eyes and the said couple live happily ever after.

Well, the above is only applicable if (a) you’re Cinderella and live in a fairytale world or (b) please refer to (a).

In today’s day and age, everything costs money and weddings are no exception. Pod went to The Wedding KL event recently and scouted the floor for the best tips to cut cost on your big day. You’re welcome. Here are some of the nuggets that we gathered:

1. Start with a budget

Image from: @catherynlavery

Most couples tend to get pressured by the society to throw #weddingoftheyear kind of celebrations but if you want to avoid eating Maggie every day for a year to pay for that personal loan you took for your wedding; it’s worth to start with a budget and stick to it. Be EXTREMELY HONEST with what you can spend. So to do list number one: Sit with your fiance/fiancee to discuss this. Better yet, do it right after the proposal.

2. DIY for the win

Ikea decor DIY ideas from

There is absolutely no excuse to not be able to find DIY inspirations and tips with the abundance of resources on Pinterest, Instagram and ye old Google. One wedding planner told us to replace fresh flowers with feathers bought in bulk from one of those online wholesalers. A huge wallet saver.

3. Invite people who matter

Image by: @andreasronningen

There will be a long list of family friends, aunties, uncles, cousins twice removed, granduncles, grandauties, family pets, etc that you must include in your guest list but be realistic with the size of that list as it will determine the cost of the venue and how much food to cater for. Also, insist (if need be, beg “pretty please with cherry on top”) for your guests to RSVP their attendance in advance and inform to cancel if they can’t make it closer to the date to minimize waste.

4. Splurge vs Save

Image by: @gianniscognamiglio

Don’t get us wrong, we’re not trying to rain on your wedding day with the depressing no this and no that. Here’s a fun exercise, go through the list of things you want to have for your wedding: Dress/Suit, Venue, Decor, Food, Invitations, Door Gifts, Photographers, and the bazillion other things. Then, choose which are the one/two things you want to splurge on and save on the rest. Maybe you have been dreaming of a beach wedding since you were an embryo, so splurge on the location but find ways to minimize $$$ on cake, makeup artist, the dress, and so on and so forth.

We wish you all the best and a special note for the future brides and grooms out there, you can use our Pod app to save money for your wedding day. Sign up for our beta! 😉



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