What is pod?

Answer: pod is a platform that encourages goal oriented savings with features that will enable you to save for your goals on a daily basis (such as buying a new computer, going on a trip to Bali or a down payment for a new car). pod allows you to set rules to make your saving journey more fun and convenient and also allows you monitor your savings progress and spending closely.

Why Should I save with pod?


  1. pod will help you separate your saving from your spending account making it easier for you to track your savings towards your specific goals.
  2. We personalise you savings experience by allowing you to set your own saving rules.
  3. Our platform is designed to make savings fun and we reward you whenever you have successfully completed a goal.

Can I have my money back if I need it?

Answer: Of course you can. Just send us a request to withdraw pod savings and we will credit the requested amount back to your bank account. But then you must be willing to forfeit the reward(s) that come with completing the goal.

Does my saving with Pod earn any interest?

Answer: At the moment, no. The savings will be returned to users without any interest.

Is Pod available in other countries outside of Malaysia?

Answer: We are only available in Malaysia at the moment. Watch this space, we do plan to expand and perhaps it will cover your desired country too.

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